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Viaflo Voyager Elektronische Pipetten

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The Viaflo Voyager pipettes with adjustable tip spacing are electronic pipettes which can function as repeaters, mixers, serial dilutors, manual pipettes, handheld sample processors and more.

The great advantages of electronic pipettes are that they really speed up your sample processing procedures and that they strongly reduce the number of repetitive finger movements because of the touch wheel interface.

The Voyager pipettes are available as multi (4, 6, 8, 12 or 16) channel pipettes with volume ranges of 0.5µL-12.5µL, 2µl-50µl, 5µL-125µL, 10-300µL and 50µL-1250µL. Furthermore, the operator can set the tip spacing within a range of 4.5mm to 33mm as he’ll be able to handle a wide variety of sample holders like micro plates, tube racks and gel boxes with different dimensions.

All Viaflo pipettes have a very intuitive user interface and can be programmed by selecting from predefined modes or by creating custom programs which can be saved for repeated use. Predefined modes include pipet, repeat dispense, sample dilute, pipet/mix, manual pipet, reverse pipet, variable dispense, sample dilute/mix, serial dilute and custom.

Furthermore, the specially designed GripTips offer a high lateral resistance and the lowest required tip attachment and ejection forces. They fit perfectly at the same height onto the Viaflo pipettes, making sure no tips ever loosen, leak or fall off.

With the Vialink, a connection between the Viaflo pipettes and a PC can be made, in order to create custom programs in a very short time period, copy programs, manage and personalize your pipettes and upgrade the firmware. In short, the Viaflo fixed and adjustable electronic pipettes are fast, intuitive, versatile and ergonomic, making them the number one option for all your sample processing procedures.

  • Optional accessories include charging options, PC software, Bluetooth modules and reagent reservoirs.
  • High quality
  • Fixed or adjustable tip spacing
  • Fast sample processing
  • Low amount of repetitive finger movements
  • Very accurate tip design
  • Wide choice of models
  • Predefined or custom programs
  • Great versatility
  • Intuitive user interface
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