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Viaflo 384 Elektronische 384-kanaals Pipettor

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The Viaflo 384 is an electronic 384-channel handheld pipettor, specially designed to speed up sample processing procedures and increase productivity. It is a versatile alternative for expensive automated systems as you can choose between 6 interchangeable pipetting heads with volume ranges of 0.5-12.5, 2-125, 5-300 and 25-1250µl, while still being budget friendly and offering great time savings and reduced repetitive finger movements.

VIAFLO 384 is an enhanced version of the successful VIAFLO 96 pipette. It offers the same intuitive operation but allows working with both 96- and 384-channel heads. Loading 384 tips naturally requires higher loading forces. The necessary instrument adaptions could be made without increasing the footprint or altering the compact design.

  • NEW accessory: three position stage. It extends the stage positions on VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 from two to three positions.
  • High quality
  • Fast sample processing
  • Low amount of repetitive finger movements
  • Very accurate tip design
  • Predefined or custom programs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated adjustable LED light
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