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Vacusip & Vacusafe Vacuüm Pompen

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The Vacusip and Vacusafe are benchtop liquid waste disposal systems. Common applications include aspiration of supernatants and removal of washing solutions, culture media and excess liquids.

The smaller Vacusip can be equipped with a rechargeable battery for optimal transportability and is developed for aspirating and removing small volumes up to 10 ml or whenever the application demands that liquids have to be slowly aspirated and removed, while the Vacusafe is developed for faster aspirating and removing larger volumes.

Until now, liquid waste disposal systems have frequently been self-made systems connected to a vacuum source, causing a limited user convenience, considerable safety risks and high noise levels.

The Vacusip and Vacusafe are quiet and ready-to-use aspiration systems with a hydrophobic filter to protect the unit from damage and contamination by aerosols and liquids, an integrated vacuum pump and a versatile hand operator with various adapters. The integrated vacuum pump runs silently and stops automatically when the vacuum is established to prevent unnecessary pump operation and to further reduce noise. Furthermore, all parts that come in contact with liquids can be autoclaved for optimal cleanability.

Main differences between the Vacusip and Vacusafe are the liquid waste disposal capacity, the hand operator and a couple of extra features. The liquid collection bottle of the Vacusip can contain a volume up to 500 ml, while the bottle of the Vacusafe can contain a volume up to 4 liters. The Vacusip uses a silicone hand operator that allows regulation of the liquid flow by applying a varying finger pressure. The Vacusafe uses the Vacuboy, a more ergonomic hand operator with a push button on top. Nevertheless, both operators can accommodate a variety of adapters to comply with every application.

Available adapters include single and multichannel adapters with stainless steel tips, single and multichannel adapters for use with disposable tips and adapters for Pasteur and serological pipettes. The Vacusafe can be equipped with a level sensor to detect when the bottle is full and to prevent liquid overflow, especially when the unit is out of sight. It also features the possibility to choose for self-closing connectors to avoid escapes of droplets or aerosols from a disconnected bottle or tubing, a shatterproof bottle, an adjustable vacuum level to be able to aspirate slow as well as fast and the possibility to connect 2 Vacuboys at the same time when multiple operators want to use the Vacusafe.

In short, the Vacusip and Vacusafe are the perfect appliances to get rid of liquid waste in a safe, quick and easy way.

  • High quality
  • Easy and efficient liquid waste disposal
  • Integrated vacuum pump
  • Ready to use
  • Hydrophobic filter
  • Very low noise level
  • Wide choice of adapters
  • Autoclavable parts
  • Various other features
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