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Intelligente en digitale zuurstof sensoren -Memosens

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Using Memosens® oxygen sensors, the measured value is also digitized directly in the sensor and can be transmitted as an interference-free digital signal to the analyzer and processed further there. When a sensor is replaced, the last sensorspecific data are loaded onto the analyzer and operation promptly continues. The oxygen sensors can also be calibrated locally in the laboratory or workshop and then commissioned at short notice at the relevant installation point without further work. In addition to standard data such as sensor ID, various operating data are recorded and made available for asset management (number of calibrations, operating hours taking account of the different process conditions, SIP cycles, and electrolyte stress).

  • Reduction in process downtimes with simple sensor replacement
  • More precise process management with exact calibration in the laboratory under reproducible conditions
  • Predictive maintenance as an integrated element of the sensor technology
  • Improved asset management
  • Precalibrated
  • No influence by humidity or dirt
  • Cable length up to 100m (or more) possible
  • MemoSens
  • Different sensors for different industries
  • Long cable lengths possible
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