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HTS Transwell®-96 Well, 5.0 µm, PC Membrane, Receiver plate and lid, Bulk

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HTS Transwell®-96 Permeable Support with 5.0µm Pore Polycarbonate Membrane, 8 per Case, Sterile.

  • HTS Transwell®-96 permeable supports have an array of 96 wells with permeable inserts connected by a rigid robotics-friendly tray
  • Product includes: HTS Transwell®-96 permeable support insert, receiver plate (96 wells for growth or assay steps) and 1 sterile lid
  • 8 sets per case
  • 5.0 µm pores size PC (polycarbonate) membrane
  • Membrane area for cell growth or cell migration is 0.143 cm² which is 20-50% greater than other brands
  • Large apical and basolateral access ports
  • Automation optimized design with multi-channel feeder ports, improved gripping surface and bar coding
  • All membranes are treated for cell attachment
  • Receiver and reservoir plates are untreated
  • Lid – minimizes evaporation and protects against contamination