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Draagbare Label Printer - BMP21-LAB

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The BMP™21-LAB Portable Label Printer is an easy-to-use printer with exceptional durability. In combination with a great material variety, we can provide labels for every surface you want!

Specifically designed for harsh laboratory environments, the BMP21-LAB printer can quickly and easily create legible labels that stay stuck for years even when exposed to extreme temperatures and chemicals!

There is a wide range of labels available, for all kind of applications (vials, tubes, slides, conicals, bottles, well plates, straws, tissue cassettes, ...) and environments (freezer, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, hot water bath, ...). Contact us in your quest for the perfect label!

  • Portable Label Printer
  • Easy to use
  • Chemical resistant
  • Continuous labels
  • Ready-to-go cartridges
  • Labels in various colours
  • Robust Hard-Wearing Printer
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