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Crossflow Unit

Horizontal Tabs


Primarily designed for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry for a safe and hygienic manufacturing process, the stainless steel AISI 304L Class ISO 3 cross flow unit is the solution for powder containment during sampling, weighing and dosing operations or when a risk of dust contamination needs to be avoided. A physical barrier like heavy duty PVC strips or stainless steel walls separate the unit from the external environment. The motor blower and clogging control gauge make sure that a regular HEPA filtered laminar air flow and adequate air exchange between the cabinet and the surrounding environment is maintained.
Air filtered by the HEPA filters passes down over the enclosed space, then through 2 pre-filters and back to the HEPA filter chamber. A small absolute filter mounted downstream of the fans generates a loss in the air recycling system, causing an inflow of air between the PVC strips and the floor. This causes a floor level air movement to prevent powder drifting through the room and to prevent contamination of sterile products which should be kept at a height of at least 50cm from the floor. In addition, a high grade of cleanliness is achieved at breathing height.
Furthermore, all products are designed to meet the latest EN-12469 European Standard requirements regarding health and safety guidelines and legislation. An up-to-date list of all company and product certifications is available on request.

  • Various accessories are available depending on the exact model. For further information about custom cabinets and possible accessories, please do not hesitate to contact Elscolab, we will inform and assist you in the best possible way.
  • Very high quality for powder containment and or avoiding dust contamination
  • Prevents powder drifts and contamination of sterile products
  • Large laminar airflow area
  • PVC strips or stainless steel walls as side barriers
  • Vertical HEPA filtered airflow
  • Speed regulation system for filter clogging compensation
  • Optional accessories
  • In accordance with health and safety guidelines and legislation
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