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CO2 incubatoren - Standaard capaciteit Air jacket

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The Shel Lab SCO5A-2 and SCO10A-2 are standard capacity air jacketed CO2 incubators.
The SCO5A-2 is a floor model CO2 incubator providing a volume of 142 liters with 3 shelves supplied as standard, while the SCO10A-2 is a dual stacked CO2 incubator providing a volume of 284 liters with 6 shelves supplied as standard.

Both models have infrared CO2 sensors and incorporate a microprocessor controller to achieve precise temperature control, within the range of ambient +8°C to 60°C. There are 3 temperature control settings (main chamber, external door and front liner) to accurately select temperature settings for optimal culturing conditions.

Additionally, an independent secondary temperature controller offers the added security of over temperature protection. The IR CO2 sensors accurately control the CO2 concentration and provide a superb CO2 recovery after door openings. The heated CO2 inlet reduces potential for condensation which could promote contamination around the inlet port.

  • Features include fully adjustable shelf slides, a glass inner door, a HEPA filtration system and optional copper shelves which minimize the threat of surface contamination.
  • High quality
  • Floor model or dual stacked
  • Infrared CO2 sensors
  • Air jacketed
  • Microprocessor temperature controller
  • Heated CO2 inlet
  • HEPA filtration
  • Optimal temperature and CO2 uniformity
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