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Bead Bath - Verwarmbad op basis van beads

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The Bead Baths are an innovative alternative for traditional laboratory water baths, providing a volume of 6, 14 or 20 liters and a temperature range of ambient +5°C to 80°C. Using specially designed Beads instead of water, a lot of advantages are obtained compared to traditional baths.

There is no more need to constantly disinfect the bath because of water-related microbiological risks. Erlenmeyer flasks, test tubes, multi well plates or even small centrifuge tubes, all sizes are compatible without the need of racks or accessories as the samples stay perfectly in place, even when tilted. The risk of contamination has been greatly reduced as the samples cannot be submerged in water. Great energy savings are obtained due to the fact that the beads keep their temperature and obviously don’t evaporate, in comparison to water filled baths where newly added water has to be warmed up frequently as water constantly evaporates while extracting heat. The use of beads therefore eliminates the risk of a burnout which means the bath can be continuously leaved on, reducing warming up times. Sample holders or vessels that aren’t water-tight can be perfectly used, and the risk of information labels getting loose and float around is also eliminated.
The small, dry, metallic beads themselves have been designed to be moisture and gas impermeable and have a high thermal conductivity, resulting in an amazing thermal uniformity.

In short, no more water means no more water-related microbiological risks and related disinfecting procedures, no more racks or accessories to keep everything in place, no more contamination, no more refilling, no more burnout risks, no more water-tight sample holders, no more loose labels and no more high energy bills. In addition, the beads are compatible with some types of standard water baths.

The general rule is that they are compatible if there are no moving parts like shaking or stirring elements and if it’s a standard dimensions shallow bath. Please keep in mind that even then there can be exceptions and that it’s always recommended to let Elscolab check if your current bath is compatible. Of course, full compatibility is only 100% assured when beads are used in combination with a bead bath.

Furthermore, Shel Lab and Lab Armor have developed some accessories that are also compatible with the beads. Bead Blocks are designed to be used in combination with a dry bath or heating block, and are available in different formats. No more need to purchase multiple blocks for different vessel or sample holder sizes as 1 Bead Block filled with beads can hold various vessel sizes and shapes. The Bead Blocks can be purchased separately or in combination with a DryTemp dry bath / heating block. The stainless steel autoclavable StayTemp Tray is designed to protect samples from temperature fluctuations inside your lab, and can even be used in combination with refrigerators, ovens and incubators. The lightweight Walkabout Tray of expanded PVC is designed for optimal mobility of your samples while maintaining the temperature as much as possible, and can also be used for different purposes such as a tube rack for different sized or shaped test tubes. The Chill Bucket is designed to keep your samples cool for hours without using ice. Simply place some chill packs or a handful of dry ice on the bottom of the bucket, put the beads on top of them and place any sized or shaped sample holder or vessel into the beads. Instead of melting ice, floating samples, loosening labels and contamination risks, your samples are now constantly chilled and safely kept in place.

  • Stays clean: bead baths stay dry and protected from water-borne microbial contaminants
  • Saves time: always on bead baths eliminate warm up and make lab experiments easy and repeatable
  • Eco-friendly: beads use less energy than water, don't require germicides and are recyclabe
  • Organized: no racks needed to keep your samples into place
  • High quality
  • Innovative alternative for water baths
  • Safe and contamination free
  • Great amount of advantages
  • Energy and time savings
  • Versatile usage
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