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+2°C +15°C Rechtopstaande Koelkast ATEX — Gram BioCompact II

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BioCompact ll is a range of economical, environmentally responsible refrigerators and freezers designed specifically for biostorage uses. These refrigerators and freezers provides you with significantly better performance than any other cabinets in this segment, on account of a refrigeration system that does away with cold walls that can damage the contents and a unique air distribution system for storing ordinary biomaterial under consistent, stable conditions. This makes it the ideal choice for the reliable storage of biomaterial under stable conditions – a requirement for which standard commercial or domestic refrigeration cabinets cannot be considered.

The BioCompact ll range uses environmentally responsible HFC-free foam propellants and is available with CFC-free or HFC-free refrigerants. Based on decades of specialist know-how, these biostorage units are exceptionally energy-efficient, and are the best performers on the market in relation to Scandinavian standards.

  • Available capacities:125L, 250L, 218L, 346L, 583L
  • Features:Finned tube evaporator: Using a refrigeration system based on a finned tube evaporator is unique for biostorage products in this segment, and provides unparalleled benefits. The design results in a refrigerated storage space with no cold walls that can damage any delicate items stored in the cabinet. This also makes it possible to ensure even better temperature stability inside the cabinet
  • Gram Ventilated air distribution system
  • Gram Multi Purpose Controller with LED display
  • Acoustic and visual alarm that provides clear notification if either maximum or minimum permitted temperature is reached. A door alarm is also fitted. All alarm parameters are set separately
  • Voltage–free connector for monitoring systems and/or remote alarms
  • Access port: 24.5 mm access port that makes it easy to insert objects, e.g. sensors for external temperature surveillance
  • E-Sensor. Extra sensor for providing a temperature reference within the storage compartment
  • Interior made of easy–to–clean acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymer
  • Exterior made of lacquered steel or stainless steel
  • The wall rails are made of stainless steel (BioCompact II 610)
  • Glass door is optional extra (BioCompact II 210 and 410 - refrigerators only)
  • A wide range of versatile interior fittings and layouts are available for BioLine cabinets. These include aluminium and stainless steel drawers, wire baskets and drawers, perforated shelves for storing items that require a flat surface to rest on and standard stainless steel and plastic–coated wire shelves
  • Choice between well–insulated glass (BioCompact II 210 and 410 - refrigerators only) or solid metal doors
  • Built–in Gram Monitor unit
  • Low temperature protection preventing the refrigeration system to operate if the temperature falls below the set temperature
  • Can be fitted with castors or feet, or mounted on a plinth
  • Wall suspension for wall mounted cabinet
  • “Column combination”: Two under–counter cabinets can be ordered pre-mounted as an entire unit “or be mounted on site
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