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The Elscolab service department has three major roles: 

  1. Installation and preventive maintenance of equipment sold by Elscolab.
  2. Calibration or validation for some standard variables, according to national or international standards.
  3. Repairs at our premises or field repairs.

As such we can ensure that the instruments are in perfect working order. The extensive portfolio of instruments and applications dictates that the service engineers need to be trained in one or a few highly specialized fields. Their knowledge is continuously updated by means of training in the factory and by external professionals. The service department is set up in such a way that there is always a fail over and we can balance the workload over a number of engineers. Our years of experience, flexibility and specialization have supported numerous different and very diverse projects which have been brought to a successful conclusion.

Calibration & standardization
Through the years Elscolab has specialized in two measurement domains: colour and viscosity. For these parameters we use our master instruments and/or certified primary standards. This enables us to offer you a total support package. We also offer a calibration service for parameters like: pH, temperature, conductivity and O2.