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Universal transmitter - P32000

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Universal transmitters for temperature, strain gages, and potentiometers - in a 6 mm housing with infrared interface, SIL approval, and broad-range power supply.

  • Universal usability from simple to challenging measurement demands with all known temperature sensors, strain gage sensors, potentiometers, and similar sensors
  • Convenient adjustment of all parameters via IrDA® interface - uncomplicated, menu-guided adjustment also »on site« including archiving of configuration data
  • Intuitive configuration of basic parameters - easy, without tools, using 4 rotary and 8 DIP switches
  • Calibrated range selection without complicated adjustments
  • Automatic recognition of the sensor connection (2-, 3-, or 4-wire)
  • Simulation of any desired output values for correct installation/commissioning
  • World-wide usability due to broad-range power supply for 19 to 115 V DC or 90 to 253 V AC
  • Safe Isolation according to EN 61140 - protection of the maintenance staff and the subsequent devices against non-permitted high voltages up to 300 V AC/DC - Functional safety up to SIL 2 (up to SIL 3 in the case of redundant configuration) with TÜV certificate - systematically developed according to EN 61508
  • High accuracy due to innovative circuit design
  • Reduced stockkeeping - one transmitter covers all conceivable tasks
  • Minimum space consumption in the enclosure: only 6 mm wide modular housing - more transmitters per meter of mounting rail
  • Low-cost assembly - quick mounting, convenient connection of power supply through DIN rail bus connectors (in the case of 24 V DC supply)
  • 5-year warranty
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