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Spectrometer software

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MultiSpecPro is a 32 Bit multi purpose software package with various data acquisition modes, data display / processing and output options, optimized for process applications. It supports all tec5 Operating Electronics and Spectrometer Systems. It is offered by tec5 in a basic version with additional modules for chemometric prediction (of models from The Unscrambler, GRAMS, NIRCal) and color measurement.

MultiSpecPro Lite version
For applications where only data acquisition, display and export of spectra is the main purpose, we offer a low-cost version of MultiSpecPro.

TFPro UV-Vis
TFPro UV-Vis is a software package designed to determine the film thickness of transparent layers. It provides spectrometer system control, data acquisition and processing, as well as many different display options including TTL output control.

Alternatively, the tec5 hardware can be linked to GRAMS/AI® from Thermo Galactic by a specific driver. This spectroscopy software package can be extended by many add-on modules and complies to 21 CFR Part 11.

Programmer Interface
For easy integration into customer specific applications, a Programmer Interface for the function library SDACQ 32 MP with direct support for C/C++/ Visual Basic and Delphi as well as a driver library for the LabVIEWTM environment are available. In addition the library SDPROC32 is offered with ready-to-use dialogue boxes for spectral data acquisition, configuration and parameter setting on a high level of abstraction.

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