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Sodium analyser - Thornton

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With Fully Automatic, Unattended Measurement and CalibrationThe METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2300Na Sodium Analyzer offers a new design for a traditional measurement for pure water treatment and power cycle chemistry monitoring. This Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to maximize water production and minimize corrosion. It offers four analog outputs for sodium, pH and temperature with choice of scaling, and automated electrode conditioning with each calibration.

  • Fully automatic, unattended calibration assures reliable operation, saves time
  • Reagent addition confirmation by pH to assure consistent measurement results
  • Convenient grab sample measurement for additional samples from other areas of the plant and quality control checks
  • Simultaneous display of sodium, adjusted pH, temperature and calibration progress – provides convenient analyzer and sample status at a glance
  • Choice of enclosures: fully enclosed and lockable for dirty plant environments or partially-enclosed with accessible controls for clean sample rooms
  • Four analog outputs for sodium, adjusted pH and temperature with choice of scaling to enable full integration into data acquisition or control systems.
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