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Single Use Cell - S.U.C.

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Five measurements in one Single Use Cell:
- Identical performance to optek conventional systems
- Reduced risk of contamination
- Up to five measurements in one Single Use Cell with low hold-up volume
- USP Class VI and FDA approval
The Single Use Cell (S.U.C.) is designed to optimize separation, purification, concentration and formulation processes in disposable chromatography and ultrafiltration systems. Cross-contamination between products and batches will no longer be an issue as gamma irradiated Single Use Cells decrease the risk of contamination to virtually zero.

With USP Class VI certification and FDA approval Optek‘s Single Use Cell design meets the requirements specific to the world of chromatography and ultrafiltration.

The S.U.C. is available in five different designs.

Each S.U.C. is clearly labelled with data specific to that particular cell. This data includes the sensor constant of the conductivity sensor, as well as the UV OPL (optical path length) adaptation.

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