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Process Spectrometer

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The spectrometer system CompactSpec® II is based on fast and reliable detector array and light source (e.g. Xenon flash lamp) technology with high endurance. Therefore it is ideal for demanding process applications.
CompactSpec® II is a fast and robust UV/VIS/NIR spectrometer system in a stainless steel housing (IP65) with integrated industrial PC and touch screen TFT-monitor. The system is available for several spectral ranges and resolutions. The built in spectrometer modules are high performance optical components without moving parts, with high reliability and long-term stability. Multichannel systems can be easily built up by the use of multiplexers. Fibre-optical components in combination with insertion probes and flow-trough cells allow the measurement directly inside the tubes or reaction vessels. A separate reference channel guarantees drift free operation.
The high pressure encapsulated CompactSpec® II EEx p can directly be mounted in production areas and avoids the use of to long optical fibres. Lost by attenuation and high costs by passing the optical fibres are minimised. Fast and robust multiplexer technology allows the measurement of up to 8 measurement channels without lost of speed and stability.

  • Modern detector array technology without moving parts
  • Available spectral range: 190 – 2170 nm
  • Fast, precise, robust
  • Drift-free operation due to internal referencing
  • Standard fibre-optic connection
  • Electrical and optical multiplexer technology
  • Long life, high stability light sources
  • Available in EEx p versions (ATEX certified)
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