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Online TOC analyzer

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The 6000TOCi on-line TOC sensor delivers reliable data to demonstrate compliance in Pharmaceutical water systems. The high performance sensor provides real-time data, internal diagnostics and reporting to easily meet audit requirements.

Real-Time Transparency of TOC Levels: achieve clear control of your water system with the fastest response time available and measurement updates every second for continuous TOC analysis.

Conclusive Data to Support Compliance: the 6000TOCi uses proven UV oxidation technology and highest accuracy conductivity sensors to deliver consistent and accurate organics determination.

Verifiable System Performance: using advanced sensor diagnostics, the 6000TOCi gives you the insight needed to ensure your TOC system is always measuring effectively.

  • Real-Time Compliance: rapid, continuous measurement of TOC levels in your water system.
  • Stable and Reliable Analysis: proven UV oxidation technology and the highest accuracy conductivity sensors.
  • Clear TOC History to Support Audits: real-time measurement provides comprehensive record keeping of trending, history, and key statistics.
  • Supports Regulatory Compliance: satisfies the requirements of all major global pharmacopeias for TOC instrumentation, including USP, EP, JP, ChP and IP.
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