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Loop-powered isolators with standard signal - IsoTrans 36/37

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The IsoTrans® 36 and 37 isolators are not only suitable as highly reliable isolators for normal applications, they also meet the most extreme requirements that can be set for signal isolation. There is no need to wire a power supply. The pioneering TransShield® technology allows specifications that previously could not be implemented.

  • Extremely high reliability
  • Safe isolation, transient protection
  • 10 kV test voltage (optional)
  • High electromagnetic compatibility
  • Extremely low residual ripple and common-mode interference
  • Excellent pulse formation
  • High transmission accuracy
  • SMART transmission
  • Hazardous / safe-area isolation
  • In addition to the analog signals, they also transmit data protocols for SMART transmitters (HART). They allow bidirectional communication from every point of the cabling.
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