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High-Voltage isolators (True RMS)

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The VariTrans® P 40000 TRMS AC/DC High-Voltage Transmitters transform the RMS value of the alternating input voltage or current into a standardized direct current or direct voltage signal. The output signal is safely galvanically isolated from the input signal and the voltage supply.

Simple AC/DC transmitters operate according to an averaging technique which uses the form factor for sinusoidal waveforms (RMS value / arithmetic mean = 1.11) to transform RMS values. Here, the RMS (root-meansquare) value is the effective value of a sinusoidal AC signal. A measurement technique using the correction factor 1.11 is only suitable for pure sine waves. Distorted sine waves can produce considerable deviations (see figure). The VariTrans® P 40000 TRMS AC/DC high-voltage ransmitters, however, measure the true RMS value (TRMS) of any kind of complex AC signals. Thus, even strongly distorted sinusoidal or pulse-shaped signals are valuatedcorrectly (see figure). Disturbing DC components are not considered.

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