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Fibre-optical immersion probes

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Fibre-optical immersion probes for the use in laboratories and process analytical technology.

The development of fiber optic systems has caused a revolution in chemical analysis. With this technology, continuous analysis of liquid samples can be done remotely from the spectrophotometer and conveniently by avoiding taking samples. With our selection of optical immersion probes, we cover a wide range for many applications, both in the laboratory or in industry.

Each of our sensors can have a different optical path, a diameter or material. For the choice of material, in particular, several options are available. Different types of stainless steel, titanium or other metals, quartz and plastic can be used. We are continually expanding our range of optical immersion probes and their derivatives. If your application requires a sensor that does not exist in the catalog, we are ready to develop one for you.

The immersion probe is connected to the spectrophotometer using the optical fiber. This may be "UV / Vis" (240-1100 nm) or "NIR" (400-2300 nm) according to the desired spectral range. For measurements below 240 nm, Hellma can provide you with tailored optical fibers. Hellma transmission probes can be used for special conditions of control in high temperatures and high pressures. Depending on the application, an adapter flange can added to the probe.

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