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KNICK PROTOS II: ready for the future.

KNICK PROTOS II: ready for the future.

The most successful premium measuring converter for pH, conductivity and oxygen gets a successor.

PROTOS II - 4400 - is the long-awaited successor to KNICK's successful PROTOS 3400. Just like its predecessor, the new addition is an expandable, modular, multi-parameter measuring system with unprecedented flexibility and possibilities. The device is available in normal and explosion-proof versions for pH/ORP, oxygen and conductivity measurement.


This high flexibility makes PROTOS II the most versatile tool for inline process analysis. The result is a cost effective system with a minimum of spare parts.

The main upgrade is the USB Memory Card. With this you can of course save and read measurement data and events via your PC. The card is also used for software and firmware updates or as an Audit Trail logger in accordance with USP 21 CFR part 11 (for the pharmaceutical industry). The internal memory has been expanded, making PROTOS II ready for the future, including digital communication with ProfiNet and others.

Safety and quality

Using the wrong sensor in the wrong place is now a thing of the past! The built-in sensor verification based on Tag number or sensor type prevents you from accidentally connecting a wrong sensor. This means your process is monitored with the sensor that you have specially selected for optimal results with minimal maintenance.

Process safety is ensured by means of status messages according to NAMUR NE 107. According to this industry standard, your measurement system gives four different types of report: 

  • Function check
  • Maintenance necessary
  • System error
  • Out of specification


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