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Highly compact transmitter for Memosens sensors coming soon!

Blog post Elscolab_Highly compact transmitter for Memosens sensors coming soon!

The MemoTrans is the first 2-wire transmitter in a compact housing that has direct connection to Memosens sensors. The transmitter is integrated into the connection cable. This makes it so small that it fits onto almost any process connection. It is suitable for places where a display is no longer required. It can also be installed in EX version Zone 0/1. In addition, the MemoTrans is highly resistant to moisture, dirt, corrosion, salt bridges and potential malfunctions.

Fast installation and ready for putting into operation
The process variables and the measuring range are pre-set and directly configured for the 4-20 mA output. This makes the IP76/68 transmitter ready for use in measuring pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), conductivity or oxygen.

Status at a glance
The integrated green/red LEDs display the alarm and fault conditions of the compact transmitter and the Memosens sensor. Defects may be quickly detected and repaired on-site without long interruptions.

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