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GLP and making it easy for yourself? It's possible!

Blog article Elscolab - GLP and making it easy for yourself? It's possible!

Work according to GLP procedures without additional administration and work.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is mainly about ensuring correct results through established procedures and calibration reports. For pH, conductivity and oxygen measurements, which are the most common measurements in quality control and process monitoring; this can now be done much easier. Calibration reports can be printed directly by the measuring device itself, without the intervention of a computer. No more likelihood of the data being modified!

Procedures are there to be followed. Better: to ensure that you cannot fail to follow the proper procedure. That way you exclude human errors! You can now record up to three buffers and their sequence using the Portavo 908Multi for pH measurements. The third buffer serves to check the actual adjustment. You can of course set the permitted deviation yourself.

pH, conductivity and oxygen measurements are meaningless without proper temperature registration and compensation. Temperature measurement is always built into the measuring sensor. But how do you calibrate that temperature sensor? Well, very simply with the SOP (Standard operating procedure) for temperature calibration on your device. The meter compares the measured temperature with the reference temperature and adjusts any deviations. Can it be simpler?

The Portavo 908Multi has sophisticated user management. Using personal passwords you give specific user rights so that unwanted and unintentional changes to the configuration of the device are excluded. You also determine who can or may perform a calibration or adjustment and who only takes measurements. That’s one less worry.

The Portavo 908Multi in a nutshell

  • Multiparameter
    - pH/ORP
    - Conductivity
    - Dissolved oxygen
    - Temperature
  • GLP compliant
  • Direct connection to printer
  • User management
  • Fixed calibration procedure (programmable) for pH
  • Robust and ergonomic


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