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Online LabSafety sessions - FHI

Elscolab - LabSafety FHI
Start and end date: 
Tuesday 13 April 2021

9.00 hrs - 12.00 hrs


online event

Lab Safety FHI
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Participation is free of charge upon registration.

Discover a wide range of webinars on safety in the lab during FHI's online LabSafety sessions. 

WEBINAR Elscolab: Tips & tricks to work safely in a sterile environment

Are we still following the standard working procedures inside the laminar flow cabinet and the biological safety cabinet? This webinar provides tips & tricks for working correctly and safely inside a laminar flow cabinet. We will discuss the positioning of the cabinet, correct handling, keeping your cabinet clean, etc.

Language: English

This webinar will be presented by Mr. Pietro Andrea Oliverio, Faster (DASIT group) and can be followed live on Tuesday 13 April at 11.00 hrs.