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Safety Cabinets & Clean Rooms (laminar flow)

Protection, safety and reliability, that’s what good laminar flow cabinets are about. Our Laminar Flow Class II microbiological safety cabinets are produced for product, personnel and environmental protection while handling harmful agents pathogenic to human beings and/or animals as defined in the appropriate international standards. They can be used in a wide range of disciplines such as: microbiology, virology, haematology, cell culture, genetics, recombinant DNA, handling of hazardous agents to human being or animals.

The CytoFast Elite/Top laminar flow cabinet is especially suitable for applications such as: preparation and handling of cytotoxic drugs, presence of agents likely to cause genetic alterations or synergetic activities with other materials.

Besides our microbiological safety cabinets, Elscolab can also provide vertical and horizontal laminar flow cabinets when a high degree of protection factor is needed to the products on the worktop. They are often used in quality control in pharmaceutical and food-beverage industries, microbiology, cell culture, sterile manipulation, in vitro fertilization and preparation of nutritional parental therapy.

We complete our laminar flow cabinets range with powder containment booths where a cross flow module provides the solution for powder containment during sampling, weighing and dosing operations , laminar air flow booths to contain a small clean area in the laboratory, isolators for sterility test and chemotherapy preparation, transfer hatch or pass boxes.

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