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General lab equipment

Elscolab has an extensive range of laboratory equipment, going from small equipment to larger instrumentation. In our range, you will find general lab equipment such as heating plates, incubators and centrifuges, but also for more specific equipment, you will find the right partner in Elscolab.

When we think of the protection of the users and the lab-environment, we can offer fume cupboards for a wide range of chemicals and this because of the diversity of our charcoal filters. If you need support for liquid handling techniques, Elscolab has the technical know-how and equipment for all your pipetting applications.

Something needs to be cooled in the laboratory? We offer a large selection of cooling equipment, from refrigerators, to ultra-low temperature (-86 ° C) freezers and liquid nitrogen vessels. If you work in a life sciences environment and use techniques such as cell culture, PCR, molecular biology, ... we can completely install your laboratory with our biological safety cabinets, CO2 incubators and extensive range of cell culture consumables.

Also for the more analytical lab work you can contact us. Think about our pH, conductivity and oxygen meters. Also BRIX measurement is a parameter where we can help you with. For the physical parameters such as colour measurement and viscosity measurement, our specialists can certainly support you with your application.

Do you have questions or remarks? Please do not hesitate to contact us.