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Sondes pH digitales et intelligents-MemoSens

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With analog pH measuring points, humidity can cause faults and thus failure of the measuring point. Problems like these are effectively rectified by the contactless, inductive data transfer of Memosens® technology. In outdoor areas, impurities in the plug connector present no measurement problems with digital Memosens® pH sensors. Stresses on the pH sensor are logged and can be used for preventive maintenance. Memosens® sensors can be precalibrated in the lab under optimal conditions and then only need to be replaced on site. As a result, there is no need for calibration in dirty or dangerous conditions and measuring points which are difficult to access no longer present a problem.

  • Up to 40 % longer lifetime of sensors
  • Reduction in process downtimes with simple sensor replacement
  • Fewer calibration cycles thanks to longer sensor life
  • More precise process management with exact calibration in the laboratory under reproducible conditions
  • Predictive maintenance as an integrated element of the sensor technology
  • Improved asset management
  • MemoSens
  • Precalibrated electrodes
  • Different sensors for different industries
  • Insensitive to humidity
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