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Seaguard Platform - Observations sous-marines

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The Aanderaa Seaguard system is a multi parameter platform, designed for both flow sensors as well as water quality sensors. The plug & play structure allows you to adjust the system to your needs for underwater observations in both surface water and deep sea locations (up to -11 000m!).

The current sensors can be divided into 2 types:
- currency at 2 specific depths with the RCM series (= Seaguard I).
- currency with a particular profile (DCP profiler: Seaguard II).

Once your choice is made for a certain system, these currency sensors can be completed with for example: conductivity, pressure-waves-tides or dissolved oxygen sensors.

As this concerns a modular platform, the logger of the Seaguard can be connected to extra extensions.

Elscolab loves to help you with the set-up of your monitoring project, such as implementing the Seaguard platform in a buoy, installation at the sea bottom, communication or power supply.

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