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Détection de glace non-contact – IDS-20

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The IDS-20 is the first non-contact ice detection sensor to register ice formation and freezing rain known as black ice. Thanks to the simple and flexible method of assembly, it can be used in various application areas such as weather forecasting and condition monitoring of (SOAB asphalt) roads, wind turbines, overhead wires, antennas, railways and airports.

The system includes a central controller and can be equipped with a combination of two of the three different sensors at the same time, making it possible to measure from just 0.01 mm to 80 mm of ice thickness.

  • Detection of icing and freezing rain, distinction between ice and water.
  • Ice detection: 0.01 mm to 80 mm ice thickness by making use of different sensor.
  • Suitable for existing and new systems, easy and quick installation.
  • Maintenance-free operation, IP-66, low power consumption.
  • Parameters measured: icing, rain, dew point, frost point, air temperature and humidity.
  • Analysis: quantity and duration of icing events.
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