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Chloride & Sulphate Analyzer - Thornton

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Mettler-Toledo Thornton is pushing technological boundaries in the online analysis of ultrapure water with the launch of the 3000CS. They made it possible to measure online the concentration of chlorides and sulphates in the low ppb range with the user friendliness of a stand-alone process analyser.

This analyser was mainly developed for the power and semiconductor industry to monitor the corrosive chloride and sulphate ions. This of course to prevent corrosion and damage to key components in your process like the turbine.The 3000CS is equipped with all features you may expect from a state of the art analyser like touch screen, automatic calibration, all necessary and usual output signals, the grab sample possibility and GLP traceability. Since the 3000CS was developed for the industry, the analyser meets the industrial standards like very low reagent consumption, high reliability and large autonomy.

The 3000CS completely fits in the Thornton ultra-pure water product portfolio as an addition to your current sodium, silica, TOC, DCC of standard conductivity measurement. It is our pleasure to arrange a meeting to present you this Thornton technology.

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