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Aeros - the smart way to measure colour

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Measuring smooth samples is a breeze for most color measurement instruments. But what about inconsistent, heavily textured, non-uniform samples like these? Rather than modifying your samples to work for your instrument, the Aeros was created to work for your samples.

The Aeros contains a unique patented feature: auto-height positioning. The instrument positions the smart sensor to the ideal sample height and automatically adjusts for variations. The "one touch" measurement reduces operator learning time, increases workflow and productivity. The samples automatically rotate beneath the smart sensor (35 measurements within 5 seconds), so no hassle and no wasted time!

  • Measure your samples as they are, in their natural state.
  • Fast, no worry sample preparation.
  • No need to measure through plastic or glass dishes.
  • No mess, minimal cleanup time.
  • Faster, easier, one button color measurement.
  • Accurate and consistent - true color results.
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