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Universal Converter - Type C8000

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The Control 8000 universal converter operates optek photometric sensors along with 2 pH-probes and 2 conductivity sensors (optek patented ACF series) simultaneously. All measurements (2 x optical, 2 x pH, 2 x conductivity and 2 x temperature) are transmitted with the standard 8 mA-outputs and may also be displayed as text and/or bar graphs. The combination of C8000 and ACF60 conductivity sensors allows a wide dynamic range from 0 – 10 µS/cm up to 0 – 850 mS/cm with the same sensor. The C8000 provides optical density or forward scatter turbidity measurements in the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and near infrared (NIR) ranges. In addition to optical sensors, the C8000 monitors up to two pH sensors and two conductivity sensors with integrated temperature measurements. One converter assures easy operation with an intuitive user interface in a compact package.

  • 1 photometric sensor
  • 2 conductivity sensors
  • 2 pH sensors
  • Multiple parameter sets
  • Multiple linearization tables
  • Data logger
  • Factory zero for scattered light sensors
  • Remote control
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