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Single Channel Colour Absorption Sensor - Type AF16-F (Also in ATEX version)

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The model AF16-F is a single channel absorption sensor designed for inline applications. It accurately measures color or color changes and can be used in a variety of industrial processes, from sanitary CIP/SIP applications to high-pressure, high-temperature industrial applications. The AF16-F sensor uses the light in the wavelength range from 385 to 1100 nm at selected wavelengths. A precisely defined, constant light beam is sent to the process medium. The attenuation of the light intensity, caused by absorption and/or scattering by substances in the medium, is detected by a hermetically-sealed silicon photo diode. The change of the light intensity is a function of the concentration of the dissolved and udissolved substances in the process medium. The AF16-F is typically installed to determine precise color or color variations in a broad range of applications and measures parts per million (ppm) and percentage (%) ranges. The single crystal sapphire optical window provides superior resistance to all abrasive and corrosive media. The AF16-F is available with a broad variety of line sizes, process connections and wetted materials. NIST-traceable validation accessories assure absolute measurement confidence. Options for hazardous area classification are also available.

  • Inline real time process monitoring
  • Accurately measures colour or colour changes
  • High dynamic measuring range
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • CIP / SIP-compatible
  • Broad variety of line sizes, process connections and wetted materials
  • NIST-traceable validation accessories
  • Also available for ATEX
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