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Advanced Photometric Converter - Type C4000

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The CONTROL 4000 is a powerful photometric converter engineered for superior performance. The flexible C4000 series is designed for advanced process monitoring and control of optek ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near-infrared (NIR) absorption and scattered light sensors. The simple, menu-based software is easy to use and configure. C4000 software features include adjustable signal damping, 16 linearization and calibration tables, and advanced calculation capabilities. Remote process control functions include product switching, ranging, remote zero and hold. The configurable graphic display can show absorbance, transmittance and concentration in real time, and in any unit of measure such as CU, ppm, EBC, FTU, and g/l. The C4000 can display readings as text, bar graphs or trend values. It also shows alarm set points and many other unique system functions. The C4000 integrated Datalogger can capture vital process information for quality assurance and plant control records. The data is easily transferred to a PC via an RS-232 port. The C4000 provides multiple analog and relay outputs for direct measurement and control. Many versions accept analog and discrete inputs from other process control instruments. Some models are capable of multiplexing up to four optek inline sensors and/or probes.

  • Real time photometric converter
  • Multiplex up to four inline sensors
  • Simple menu-based software
  • Readings in CU, ppm, EBC, FTU, g/l, or any user-defined unit
  • Integrated datalogger for quality control
  • Analog and discreet I/O for direct process monitoring and control
  • Alarm signals for system failures
  • Interface to all optek sensors
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