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  • Industrial Process Monitoring

    Elscolab offers an extensive range of instrumentation for industrial processes. There are dedicated solutions for every industry and all applications, ranging from food manufacturing via the pharmaceutical industry to heavy chemical processes.

    Our equipment meets and exceeds today’s industry standards. Of course they meet international guidelines and norms for safety (ATEX, SIL...) and hygiene (FDA, USP, EHEDG, …). The inline and online sensors are capable of digital and analogue communication with your process control system.

    Our specialties: pH/ORP, oxygen, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometry, conductivity, colour, turbidity, refractometry, viscosity, pressure, temperature, flow, galvanic separators and much more.

  • Environmental Water Monitoring

    ‘Environmental Water Monitoring’ covers a complete range of environmental measurements for both industrial installations and water emanating from the public drainage network, sewers, streams, canals and marine applications. Besides analyzers for COD, TOC, nitrates, ammonia, phosphates, suspended solids, oxygen, pH, …, we also offer a robust range of portable field equipment, samplers and flow meters (including for surface water). 

    Elscolab also has a lot of experience with turnkey solutions for water monitoring, with solar powered systems, GPRS communication, data logging, installation, etc.

  • Laboratory Equipment & Consumables

    Under the heading of “Laboratory Equipment & Consumables”, Elscolab lists equipment and supplies for various applications in the laboratory environment, for R&D, QC, etc.

    You can contact us with questions about liquid handling applications (ranging from manual pipettes to small robots), storage (sample handling, management, storage, etc.), life sciences (tissue culture) and general laboratory (ovens, ...).

    We also specialize in various analytical applications: chemical parameters such as pH and conductivity and physical parameters such as viscosity, texture, colour and gloss.

  • Colour, Appearance & Design Tools

    Colour and gloss are two important parameters that determine the appearance of an object. Elscolab offers an overall solution for the evaluation of those parameters.

    We supply architects and designers with the necessary tools to define a colour. This colour is specified to production using a universal language (NCS). Using our measuring instruments, we guarantee the quality of the appearance from design to the finished product.

    Parameters: colour, gloss, DOI, orange peel, coating thickness, retro-reflection or Total Colour Management.