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The Elements of ELSCOLAB: the International Year of the Periodic Table

Blog post Elscolab - The Elements of ELSCOLAB: the International Year of the Periodic Table

The United Nations (UN) has declared 2019 the international year of the periodic table of elements, also known as the Mendeleev table. This table is a concept for everyone who comes into contact with chemistry from far or near and decorates many laboratories and classrooms. Incidentally, the periodic table was first formulated 150 years ago by Dmitri Mendeleev.

Our elements

As a specialist for inline and online industrial analysers, ELSCOLAB has analysis systems for a number of common elements. So 2019 is our year too! And also your year! We will be posting a blog periodically on different channels, in which we explain one element that can be analysed in your process by our analysers.

To give you a glimpse of this shortly before: pH measurement is one of the most important measurements at ELSCOLAB. The "H" stands for hydrogen, the lightest element in the periodic table and will certainly be discussed. TOC (Total Organic Compound) is not only an important parameter in pure water, but also in wastewater. It’s about carbon (C), albeit in organic form. Oxygen (O) measurements in gas or solutions are very often used as explosion protection or inerting or for quality control in the food industry and process control in fermentations in biotech and pharmacy.

From drinking water to water in power stations, many elements (or their ions) are measured, such as fluorine (F), sodium (Na), silicon (Si) and chlorine (Cl). All these are elements that can be determined online with our help.

We are also very well versed in colour measurement and photometry with which iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) or copper (Cu) are measured in production and waste water flows. In turn, platinum-cobalt (Pt/Co) solutions are a reference for colour measurement in the chemical industry.

Then again, platinum (Pt) is an odd man out. It’s an element that’s necessary for temperature measurement and redox or ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) measurements. Our periodic system takes you just about everywhere.

Stay in your element and see you soon!

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