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Project approach for the implementation of gas analysis

Blog post Elscolab - Project approach for the implementation of gas analysis

The purchase of a gas analyser is slightly different from the purchase of a temperature sensor. At ELSCOLAB we know all about this, especially since we have both available in our product range.

Choosing a gas analyser is a project. The success of it, and therefore of a reliable gas analysis, depends on more than just the analyser. For this reason, we will guide you from your initial questions, right up to commissioning and maintenance.

More detailed information is provided below on how such a project approach works.

You have a question

It often starts with a simple question: "Can I measure the concentration of a particular gas in my process environment?". It is not as simple to give a yes or no answer. Our specialists first need to go to the site and discuss with you exactly what your intentions are. Many questions are asked about what exactly you want to measure, why, under what circumstances, etc. In this way we try to form an overview of your situation and do a pre-evaluation. We propose a few options and provide a clear explanation of the advantages and disadvantages and the consequences that come with a particular system.


Together we then fill in an application form in which all process conditions are recorded. On site we can use our simulation software to show what the measurement result will be under the different process conditions. Calculations then start back at the office. We consider the feasibility, a potential resolution, possible interferences, interfering factors, etc. After consultation with colleagues, we prepare a proposal for you, including advice and potential limitations. We then explain to you how to install the analyser and what needs to be in place to ensure proper functioning. Naturally all of this is done in mutual consultation.

Pre-installation meeting

Before you make your decision, we get together again to make sure everything is clear and that everyone knows what will happen. We discuss the installation, connection, electrical wiring, peripheral equipment and everything that is needed to ensure that the analysis is successful. Afterwards, but before delivery, we will again go over everything we have agreed and mark the checklist, but not before we have taken another look at the situation on site with you.

We start!

You let us know when you would like to start, because we would obviously want to be there. Before installation we check one last time that everything is in order and we assemble the analyser with your technicians, exactly as we agreed. We connect everything, set everything up and ... it works! Everyone is happy and satisfied with the process that we have gone through together. If you prefer we can also come back again to check the analyser, to validate and to perform preventive maintenance. Because we are only satisfied if you are.


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