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Digital integration of pH and oxygen sensors in fermenters

Blog post Elscolab - Digital integration of pH and oxygen sensors in fermenters.

Biocontrollers manage the entire fermentation process in R&D and pilot environments, and pH and oxygen measurements occupy an important role in this. However, the sensors required to make these measurements have now been digitised, so how do you integrate them with your existing bioreactor without losing the benefits of digitisation? We’ve had a look at the options.

Until now, integrating digital pH and/or oxygen sensors into existing or even new biocontrollers was not an obvious thing to do, regardless of brand or type. The standard method involves converting the digital signal into a classic analogue signal that can be processed by the biocontroller. However, this method does not allow online access to all the digital data, such as diagnosis and history. More importantly, the calibration is not always accurate, since biocontrollers are not pH or oxygen meters.

Now, you can digitally integrate the pH and oxygen measurements of your biocontroller!

This is possible with all kinds of sensor: a pH electrode, an amperometric or optical oxygen sensor, all are compatible. By using an inverter with Bluetooth, you can connect your digital sensors to the biocontroller and keep all the digital data at the same time. You can request all data from the sensors with your PC or smartphone. You can even perform in-process calibration without removing sensors, allowing you to maintain sterility.

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