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Instruments for your industrial processes and laboratory consumables

Your research starts here. Elscolab gives you all the necessary information to equip your lab with the best laboratory consumables and instruments for industrial measurement processes. In our range you will find all kinds of equipment for measurements, analysis, quality checks and inspection of our environment.

We aim at 4 important pillars for each research. For your industrial processes, for example, you can find a whole range of instrumentation. The chemical, textile, paper and food industry as well as the biotech and pharmacy appeal to our equipment to expand their laboratory and online measurements.

Water and environmental research also demand the right equipment to properly perform sampling and measurements. Here you can find all possible instruments for research into nitrate, phosphate, COD, oxygenpH measurements and much more.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables, best known in the R&D departments of the life sciences world (pipets,dosemeasuring pumps, consumables, freezers, refrigerators, biological safety cabinets and dispensers).

Finally, the colour and look of an object is of crucial importance. That’s why we provide the necessary tools to register the correct colour. 

Are you looking for a conductivity meter or a UV spectrophotometer? Elscolab offers you all the material you need for current and future challenges!

Our wide range of products is supported by an enthousiastic team of experienced application and maintenance experts in your field. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us.