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Water quality measurement without reagents

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20 years after the first spectro::lyser, s::can provides the possibility to use UV-VIS spectrometry in industrial applications. As of today the s::can spectro::lyser is available in a titanium housing and with ATEX certification. The re-development was made due to the big demand to use the proven measuring principle of UV-VIS spectrometry in extreme conditions and industrial applications. Water quality measurement without reagents, now available for industry!

New housing, proven technology. The spectro::lyser can be deployed in in industrial projects to monitor the most important water quality parameters (equivalent to nitrate, TSS, turbidity, COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, UV254, nitrite, color, ozone, HS-,…).

Installation is possible both inline and submersed in the water body. We are happy to assist you concerning installation, product choice or application support.

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