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Viaflo Assist - Pipetting Assistant

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Integra Biosciences proudly present the VIAFLO ASSIST, which brings groundbreaking automation to users of the recently introduced VIAFLO II multichannel pipettes and sets a new standard for pipetting ergonomics.

VIAFLO ASSIST together with the new VIAFLO II multichannel pipettes form the perfect symbiosis to reduce manual pipetting to the minimum and prevent users from repetitive strain injury. Manual pipetting requires practice to achieve steady reproducible pipetting results. Typical parameters influencing the performance are tip immersion depth and pipetting angle. The automated pipetting capability of VIAFLO ASSIST ensures these parameters are always the same, resulting in an increased reproducibility.

Simply mount any VIAFLO II multichannel pipette (8-, 12- and 16-channel) onto the VIAFLO ASSIST pipette adapter, choose a pipetting protocol and you can start. These VIAFLO II pipettes cover a volume range of 0,5 -1250µL.

To satisfy different application requirements, especially for serial dilutions, plates can be used in portrait and landscape format. The pipettes accommodate 6-well to 384-well plates in deep-well or standard format.
The communication between pipette and VIAFLO ASSIST is established via Bluetooth to avoid unnecessary cables. The convenient set-up and easy-to-use user interface enable VIAFLO II pipettes to be used for both automated pipetting, in combination with VIAFLO ASSIST, and for standard manual pipetting.

Typical applications include serial dilutions, reagent additions and plate filling.

  • Labware compatibilty: use plates from 12-wells to 384-wells, work with them in portrait or landscape orientation. Samples can be aspirated from a 10ml, 25ml or 100ml reagent reservoir, from strip tubes, from a multiwell plate or from an external source.
  • Bluetooth: the communication between the Viaflo II pipette and the Viaflo Assist is established via Bluetooth, supporting simple wireless connectivity.
  • Ergonomics: the Viaflo Assist lets you switch between essentially manual and optionally automated pipetting tasks on the fly, relieving you of much of the pipetting burden.
  • Better pipetting results: automating the pipetting procedure leads to reproducible results and eliminates errors.
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