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Vapour Shippers

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The CBS vapour shippers are specially designed for easy and safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic temperatures.
A choice can be made between the SC series, the CF-9511 and the DS-3.

The SC series are the smallest LN2 containers for transporting a small quantity of samples.

The DS-3 contains a hydrophobic absorbent compound which holds the liquid nitrogen and repels moisture and humidity, assuring a maximal holding time.

The CF-9511 is also a similar high quality unit, but it is primarily used for moving samples over shorter distances.

All containers can accommodate a protective shipping carton to prevent containers from being placed on its side and to withstand transportation impacts.

  • High quality
  • For transportation purposes
  • Strong insulation
  • Wide choice of volumes
  • Protective shipping carton
  • Maximal holding time
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