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Valmet Concentration analysers

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Valmet Concentration Measurement (Valmet Concentration 3300) calculates the process liquor concentration o¬n basis of measurements performed according to the 4-electrode principle. The Measurement is provided with recipes to calculate the concentration of strong lye and acids.

  • Designed for industrial environments
  • Unique corrosion resistant sensors
  • Easy to use 22 pre-programmed recipes for strong acid/lye
  • Easy sensor installation for all pipe sizes
  • No maintenance
  • Long life time
  • Easy configuration by menu dialog
  • Automatic scaling compensation due to the 4-electrode principle
  • Sensor fault indication
  • Temperature measurement
  • Remote switching between two concentration and two conductivity applications
  • Designed for industrial environments
  • Monitor versions for wall or panel mountings
  • HART® communication
  • Universal self-adapting power supply 85-265 V AC, 50/60 Hz or two-wire loop powered
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