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Ultrasonic Portable Flow Logger - Type 2110

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The 2110 Ultrasonic Module provides accurate non-contact liquid level measurement, using built-in software to calculate flow in weirs, flumes and streams. When used in conjunction with Isco’s Flowlink® 4 data handling software, that information can be managed and used in a wide variety of ways. With the 2110, an ultrasonic sensor mounted above the flow stream transmits sound waves, which are reflected by the liquid surface. The elapsed time between transmitted and returned signals determines the liquid level. The device then calculates flow rate, using the liquid level reading and a built-in conversion for the specified primary device or natural stream boundaries. It can also be used for redundant level measurement to complement Isco’s 2150 Area Velocity Flow Module.

  • Small dead band (1.5 inches from sensor face).
  • Digital communication between sensor and flow module makes it immune to RF interference.
  • Chemically resistant (PVDF) sensor package.
  • Stackable 2110 module snaps together with other 2100 modules to quickly create application-optimized configurations.
  • AC power compatibility for fixed sites.
  • Software Features.
  • Direct connect, modem, or wireless communication options let you choose the best data retrieval method for any job.
  • Bracket, suspension, or insertion mounting of ultrasonic sensor makes setup quick and flexible.
  • AC power adapter for fixed sites.
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