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Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Type Signature

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The Signature flow meter is designed for open channel flow monitoring applications. It uses a ultrasonic level sensor. The meter can calculate flow using standard open channel level-to-flow conversions, as well as user defined equations or level to flow data points, depending on the application need. The Signature flow meter has unique features to verify data integrity. It logs key events such as changes in calibration and power outages to validate data accuracy. Data can be easily reviewed to detect any type of data alteration. With multiple smart interface options and multi-parameter logging (such as pH), the Signature flow meter provides a common platform for control action, reporting, and communication.

  • Multiple parameter data logging
  • Program and Summary Reports
  • Data Integrity Verification
  • Triggering, sampler enabling
  • Compatibility with Flowlink software
  • Multiple simultaneous flow technologies
  • pH and temperature input
  • SDI-12 input
  • RS-485 Modbus input
  • RS-485 Modbus output
  • Analog output
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