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Thawstar - Automated Thawing Systems

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Get rid of uncontrolled thawing of cryovials in warm water baths. This can contaminate samples and it’s also a shame to get your precious cells our of their frozen stat using a non-reproducible method.

The Thawstar offers the solution with a controlled and reproducible defrost. Ths system can be designed and personalized to your specific needs.

Thawstar AT - The Automated Cell Thawing System
Consistent, reproducible and automated thawing system for ULT- and cryopreserved biological materials. Current models allow the thawing of generic cryovials (1.5ml and 2ml) or asepticly closed cryovials (2, 6 and 10ml).

Thawstar CB - Automated, Water-Free Thawing System for Cryobags
The system is designed for 25-1000 mL cryobags. Operated through a user-friendly software interface, the ThawSTAR CB System standardizes and streamlines biologic material thawing for consistent and documented results.

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