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Texture Analyzer - CT3

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An extensive history and strong customer input have contributed to the development of this powerful but yet low cost stand-alone Texture Analyzer. With 6 test modes (plus calibration check) and a wide choice of accessories for various applications, this Texture Analyzer is equipped perfectly to function without the use of a computer and software.

The standard test modes include the following possibilities: Normal test (a single compression test), Hold Time test (compression and holding during a certain amount of time), Cycle Count test (certain amount of repeated compressions), Bloom test (gelatine bloom strength test), TPA test (texture profile analysis for food applications for instance), Tension test (tensile testing), Surimi test (applied test for gel strength) and finally the Static Load test (calibration check).

There are 7 models of the CT3 available regarding the maximum applicable force (100g, 1000g, 1500g, 4500g, 10kg, 15kg or 50kg) , of course depending of your application. These applications are found within various research areas such as food (bread, cheese, meat, fruit, vegetables, dough, cookies, sauces, candy, snacks…), cosmetics (lipstick, hair gel, eye liner pencils, mascara, toothpaste, soap…), pharmaceuticals (pills, tablets, medicines, syringes, gel capsules, inhalers…) and all sorts of materials (adhesive tape, packaging materials, blisters, seals…).

Although the CT3 can function as a stand-alone unit, it can also be connected to a computer. By using the intuitive TexturePro CT software it is possible to create multiple tests, graphs, custom reports with selectable physical parameters et cetera. These selectable physical parameters are for example hardness, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess, chewiness, adhesiveness, resilience and so on. Moreover, there is also the possibility to export all raw data, graphs, parameter values into various data formats. In short, the CT3 Texture Analyzer is the perfect unit for all your QA and R&D demands or needs.

  • Powerful
  • Stand-alone
  • Low cost
  • Intuitive
  • Easily transportable
  • Broad range of accessories
  • Custom tests
  • Advanced data analysis
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