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Side Arm Aseptic Transfer Cap for 500mL Spinner Flask, 1/8" Dip Tube, 0.2µm Pore, Male Luer Lock

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Disposable GL45 Aseptic Transfer Cap for 500mL Plastic Spinner Flask, 1/8" Dip Tube, 0.2µm Vent, Male Luer Lock, Sterile.

These disposable Corning® Spinner Flask Aseptic Transfer Caps will both reduce contamination and enhance the productivity of your cell culture operations when adding or removing medium and cells. Aseptic Transfer Caps are sterile (10-6 SAL), individually double bagged and fit the side arms on 500mL Corning® Disposable Spinner Flasks (Cat. No. COS3153).

  • Cap is made of high density polyethylene, autoclaving is not recommended.
  • The venting port ends in a 25mm diameter vent filter with a 0.2µm pore PVDF membrane and a barbed fitting.
  • The liquid transfer port has an internal end with a rigid polypropylene dip tube angled to reach the bottom of the flask and on the external side a 1/8 inch ID (3.2 mm), 1/4 inch OD C-Flex tubing ending in a male luer lock (MLL) connector closed with a female luer sealing cap.