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SafeFAST 112 Microbiological Safety Cabinet

Horizontal Tabs


The SafeFAST 112 Class I microbiological safety cabinet provides operator and environmental protection during low or moderate pathogenic applications or applications where a double protection is desired. Please keep in mind that it is not suitable for product protection. The ambient air is drawn into the cabinet through the front opening and passes through a pre-filter and a Class H14 HEPA filter before being exhausted into the environment. The SafeFAST 112 is available in 4 different sizes (90cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm), with a hinged safety glass front window, a removable work surface in stainless steel AISI 316L, two gas or vacuum connections and an internal electrical socket. The standard removable work surface is perforated and consists of sections which are easily removed for cleaning and/or autoclaving procedures. A solid work surface or a single piece work surface in stainless steel AISI 316L is also available on request. Other features include a UV lamp (optional) and a stainless steel spillage tray under the work surface to collect spilt liquids. In addition, the front panel can be opened for easy cleaning and maintenance, and a silent operation is guaranteed. The ECS® microprocessor based monitoring system is worth mentioning separately, because of its great versatility. ECS® stands for Eco Controlling System, a microprocessor that integrates all of the principal ventilation and filtration functions. Combining the use of a self-regulating system with certified low pressure-drop filters and AC motor blowers, pressure drops are compensated, power consumption can be optimized, relating CO2 emissions are reduced and all safety aspects can be monitored. The keyboard is used to turn the cabinet on or off, to turn the lights on or off, to control the UV lamp, to supply voltage for the electrical socket and to set all parameters. The display of the cabinet continuously shows all required data such as the laminar airflow and frontal air barrier velocity, the residual lifetime of the HEPA filters and UV lamp, the inside and outside temperature, the total operation time and the saturation level of the HEPA filters. Audiovisual alarms are provided for an out of range or incorrect laminar airflow and frontal air barrier velocity, an incorrect position of the front window, the saturation of the HEPA filters, the end of the life cycle of the UV lamp, a blockage in the exhaust duct, a fan or motor malfunction and a power failure.
Each Faster cabinet is coated with a Dupont™ ALESTA® anti-bacterial solution to prevent microbiological contamination of the surfaces, and the front window and back panel are in every laminar flow model perfectly parallel to ensure a real laminar flow.
Furthermore, all products are designed to meet the latest EN-12469 European Standard requirements regarding health and safety guidelines and legislation. An up-to-date list of all company and product certifications is available on request.

  • Various accessories are available depending on the exact model. For further information about custom cabinets and possible accessories, please do not hesitate to contact Elscolab, we will inform and assist you in the best possible way.
  • Very high quality
  • Operator and environmental protection for low or moderate pathogenic applications
  • HEPA filtration
  • Microprocessor based monitoring system
  • Optional accessories
  • In accordance with health and safety guidelines and legislation