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Portable Doppler Area Velocity Flow Logger - Type 2150

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The 2150 Flow Module combines Isco's proven Doppler Ultrasonic area velocity flow measurement with the flexibility and versatility of a unique modular design. The 2150 is a field-configurable measurement and data storage system in a compact, sealed enclosure. The 2150 and companion 2100 Series Modules are powered by the 2191 Battery Module, which holds 2 standard alkaline or rechargeable lead-acid lantern batteries. Highly efficient power management provides battery life up to 15 months The 2150 Area Velocity sensor mounts at the bottom of the channel and uses Doppler technology to directly measure average velocity in the flow stream. An integral pressure transducer measures liquid depth to determine flow area, and flow rate is calculated by multiplying the area of the flow stream by its average velocity. Isco's Doppler system continuously senses the velocity profile of the flow stream, eliminating the manual profiling and calibration required by electromagnetic systems. The area velocity method gives you greater accuracy where weirs and flumes are not practical, and where submerged, full pipe, surcharged and reverse flow conditions may occur. You don't have to estimate the slope and roughness of the channel, and "silt correction" compensates for debris that accumulates on the bottom of the channel. Isco Flowlink Software is used to set up 2150 Flow Modules, and to retrieve and analyze stored data.

  • Up to one year battery life. Battery voltage readout lets you know when to change batteries.
  • Sealed, submersible enclosure meets NEMA 4X, 6P and IP68 requirements.
  • Easy to upgrade. New operating software can be downloaded into non-volatile "flash" memory via PC connection, without affecting stored program and data.
  • Measure shallow flows in small pipes. The low profile Area Velocity sensor minimizes flow stream obstruction and senses velocity in flows down to 1 inch (25 mm) in depth.
  • Chemically resistant. The epoxy-encapsulated sensor withstands tough applications.
  • Rollover memory with variable rate data storage, lets you change the data storage interval when programmed conditions occur.
  • Pressure transducer venting system automatically compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure to maintain accuracy.
  • Quick connect area velocity sensor can be easily removed and interchanged in the field with no recalibration.
  • High-capacity internal desiccant cartridge keeps the vent free of moisture during normal operation.
  • Replaceable hydrophobic filter protects against intrusion of water during submersion.
  • Sealed AV sensor resists fouling by oil and grease, eliminating frequent cleanings needed with electromagnetic probes.
  • 38.4k baud communication provides speedy setup and data retrieval.
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